Summer hiatus is coming to an end and the third season of Impolite Company starts on September 1.   Make sure you’re ready with this official “#NoGodsNoMasters” ceramic coffee mug.

Are you quoting Nietzsche? Are you quoting 19th century European anarchists?  Are you quoting some dumb podcast? No one will know.

Chuckle satisfyingly as you drink your coffee and know that you’re ready to ponder the complexities of cannibal sex rings, Jacobian political drama, demonic influences over our world leaders, terrible drivers, and whether it’s illegal to wonder, out loud, how flammable police cars are in real live vs. in video games.  Stare into the pitch black abyss of your favorite beverage and watch as it stares back.

We’re going to make some folks laugh. We’re going to make some folks mad.  We’re going to make some folks go insane as their minds try to grasp the inconceivable horror  from which we’ve pulled back the veil.

They’re $10 each and will be delivered to us Labor Day weekend, and distributed after.

Use this order form.

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